Lactation & Infant Feeding

अन्नप्राशन – The Complementary Feeding Guidance Classes

When we talk about introducing semi solids to the babies, two most significant things are

  • What is offered
  • And how is it offered

It determines the lifelong health of the baby because “we are what we eat!” You might have noticed that you crave for certain foods/drinks when you are stressed/ tired/ extremely hungry? Have you ever thought the reason behind it? The way a baby is introduced to food will determine his relationship with food.

Contents & Topics of the अन्नप्राशन Classes

As parents, we want to give the best possible nutrition to our child , so when the time to start solids for our child comes, we read up a lot, prepare a lot, at times buy lots of stuff etc but many times small practical challenges and questions confuse us. For example……

  1. When to start solids….the optimum age.
  2. What to give
  3. How to give
  4. How much to give
  5. Is salt sugar ok
  6. My child refuses to eat / doesn’t eat much should I force / coax
  7. Should I breastfeed before or after food
  8. My parents/partner and I have different ideologies about to resolve conflict
  9. My child is not gaining weight
  10. What foods should be avoided
  11. How to inculcate good feeding behaviour/
  12. Your baby’ s oral hygiene
  13. What about the potty ….changes that are expected when starting solids.
  14. What is mindful eating?
  15. What about canned / ready to eat foods?
  16. What my baby eats , does it affect his immunity?
  17. Understanding child psychology?
  18. Infant sleep patterns
  19. Why are feeding bottles not recommended?
  20. What about Health drinks and juices?

Who all can benefit from अन्नप्राशन Classes

It is recommended that you attend these sessions before your baby turns 6 months BUT even if you have already started semi solids for your baby, this should be beneficial to you.

The Classes comprise of 2 sessions of 1.5 hrs each, with maximum of 5 families per session. We recommend you do it with all members of the family. In the end we will have ample time for your queries and you will receive handouts on your registered email after the sessions.

Schedule of Classes

अन्नप्राशन Classes are conducted Monthly on Fourth Friday and Fourth Saturday. Number of participants is limited to FIVE only to have a good lively discussion and to answer your maximum queries.

How to Enrol for अन्नप्राशन Classes ?

The enrolment fees for both the sessions is INR 3000/- Enrolment for a single day is not possible.

Click the PAY NOW button below to make a payment.

You will be directed to PayUmoney gateway and will need to submit your mobile number at time of payment. After a successful payment, PayUmoney will send a ref no to the mobile number on SMS from PAYUMN. Note down this Reference number as this will be needed while submitting the registration form for completing your enrolment. After submission of Payment and registration form, you shall be contacted on your E-mail in 2-3 working days for further information

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