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  1. My son had upper lip tie and tongue tie. Due to this he had difficulty in suckling and I had extremely painful latch. So I had gave up breastfeeding and switched to formula in the first few days of his birth.
    But being a doctor myself I was aware of all the potential benefits of breastfeeding that my baby was being deprived of and side-effects of formula feeding
    We consulted Dr Sacchee Baweja for this and she taught me breast milk expression and deep latch technique. I started feeding expressed milk to baby through katori, paldai, infant feeding tube as told by Dr Sacchee and kept on doing perioral and tongue exercises taught by her. We made sure not to use bottle to avoid nipple confusion..
    At 3 weeks we got upper lip and tongue frenotomy done as advised by Dr Sacchee and continued with the perioral and tongue exercises, tummy time and meanwhile tried to latch my baby every time before milk expression.
    Although it was really very tiring to keep up with this schedule but everything started gradually improving.
    The final result has now paid off. At almost 10 weeks of age, my baby is taking breast milk directly through my breast without assistance. I don’t need to express milk or add formula. I thank Dr Sacchee for all her guidance and motivation without which I would have given up breastfeeding very soon..
    I am so happy and proud mother. Can’t thank Dr Sacchee enough for her support.


  2. Hello all you new moms..
    I’m a mother of a 6 weeks old and for me the breast feeding journey has just begun…
    My son had upper lip tie and tense facial muscles, due to which he was not able to latch properly.
    It was really painful and my nipples had cuts and bleeding points in as less as 2 weeks. Then we consulted Dr. Shacchee, she examined my son thoroughly and told us that due to tensed facial muscles, upper lip tie and high frenal attatchment, he is not able to latch properly and that’s causing me injuries while feeding him.

    She suggested facial exercises, tummy time, along with all this i used to express as much as i could and use to feed him with spoon and paldai, but never gave him formula even for a single feed.

    Guys, persistence is the key.

    I followed the do’s and don’ts as suggested by Dr. Shacchee which were not using nipple shield, Bottle , as it would have led to nipple confusion.
    I kept expressing and feeding him and kept trying breastfeeding once the cuts on my nipples healed.

    Slowly and steadily.. everything started falling into place and now i express just once or twice a day for his night feed and throughout the day he is breast fed.

    We didn’t go for any surgical procedure for him as i wanted to give him and myself some more time ,as i saw improvement in him within a week of exercises and tummy time.

    Dr Shacchee has been my savior literally..I feel lucky having met her.
    I want to convey to all new moms that we all go through this…Cuts, soreness in the nipples, painful latch et all… But at any given day, giving up and formula feeding is the easy way out.. Don’t give up easily , give yourself and baby some time. But trying blindly without any guidance is also not recommended. We need some good guidance which in my case was provided by Dr Shacchee..
    Really grateful to her.


  3. I am a first time mom. After my daughter was born, she was fed with formula as I was told that i did not have breast milk. After I came home from the hospital, I had severely engorged breast and did not know the benefit of breast feeding, so to relieve enforcement I forced the milk out causing severe injury in my breast.
    While looking for lactation consultant, I came across Dr. Shacchee and from then I just had smile because I knew I have found my saviour.
    She told me about the liquid gold that our breast milk is. She explained me and my husband the benefits of breast feeding and from then there was no looking back. I followed every word that she said and soon was able to express milk for my daughter and then after some days she latched. Yes, there were latching issues, tougue tie, cluster feeding and engorgement but we sailed through all because of Dr Shacchee. My daughter is 4 months now and we are going strong with breastfeeding.
    Dr Shacchee was my saviour. I will be forever indebted to her.


  4. Sustaining a COVID Pregnancy and breast feeding challenges would never have been easier, had I not met dr Shachee. I had severe latching issues, tongue tie baby and a very severe episode of mastitis after a week of delivery. Foreseeing these challenges, Dr Shachee had very proactively helped me with initial training on how to latch a baby for painless breast feeding and basic exercises to overcome challenges due to tongue tie. She had put me and my baby on a balanced schedule for breast milk and expressed milk till we were comfortable with natural instincts of breast feeding. Post my delivery, I still remember, I had numerous sessions, both online and offline with her to identify best way for latching, suitable for me and my baby. She was proactive in identifying the formation of pus and helped me work out for a solution as soon as possible. Honestly speaking, there were times when I was about to give up on my attempts to naturalize my breastfeeding and wanted to shift badly to formula milk, but her and my family’s constant encouragement helped me achieve hassle free breast feeding routine. I am still in touch with her for consultation on how to start solids and understanding BLW.
    In a nutshell, pregnancy and delivery is a journey in itself and so is breastfeeding. Although its less hyped, but even child care post delivery should be planned and I would suggest Dr Shachee strongly for all your queries related to lactation.


  5. Dr Vipul Baweja is an excellent doctor , I have two kids and he has been out pediactric since the birth of the first child in 2013 .I am extremely satisfied

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  6. I am a first time mother and I was unaware of problems of breastfeeding, initially my baby couldn’t latch milk from my breast I used to sit for hours with her then my breast got dried up,I was very upset and stopped feeding breast milk and started formula milk ,then my sis in law who also is a pediatrician herself introduced me to Dr.Shacchee,she asked to feed my baby express milk ,she also told you may have empty bottles few days while expressing milk but don’t give up,I followed her instruction and now after 10 weeks my baby feeds only breast milk,I don’t need to pump any more
    Thankyou Dr.Shacchee for the great help, can’t be more happy seeing my baby satisfied,happy and smiling


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