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Antenatal Breastfeeding Classes

The best time to read and learn about the skills of breastfeeding is during pregnancy, especially if you are going to be a first-time parents. So many myths and confusions about feeding revolve around a mother as soon as a baby is born. And more the number of people around, more complicated it gets. Thus, its better to have yourself sorted out before-hand. The group sessions by Dr Shacchee over Zoom platforms, helps couples & families learn about the art and skills of feeding and all feeding practices are well addressed in interactive sessions extending over 2 days.

Infant Feeding at Birth & Beyond…

The feeding journey of a baby does not end with first six months of exclusive breastfeeding. A growing child constantly needs an optimal nutrition to meet increasing demands of the growing body. India has  a diverse social structure and that brings in its diverse feeding practices and as expected even more diverse myths and confusions when it comes to introduction of semisolids and breastfeeding beyond 6 months of life. The interactive Zoom Sessions conducted by Dr Shacchee for parents and families helps families in streamlining their feeding practices, to ensure an optimal feeding of the child.

Educational Videos

This section has assorted videos to educate parents on common challenges. We are extremely thankful to parents who have allowed to share their personal videos for benefit of other parents and also thankful to owners/websites who have the ownership rights of these videos.


Vaccination is a topic which confuses most of the parents, especially the first time ones. And to a large extent this results from different schedules by public & private sector. Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) issues recommendations  and all children should receive the vaccines mentioned under “Recommended for all” by IAP. Besides that parents should be informed about other vaccines which are mentioned by IAP under “For High Risk” and if any parent plans to have them, they should be administered.

Ear Piercing

Gone are the days when the thought of getting your kids ears pierced used to give a goose flesh…

The Soft hand actuated piercing System from Inverness, USA has now replaced the traditional spring loaded gun piercing which used to cause lot of pain and local redness later on.

Ear pins with a very thin pins are in a sealed sterile capsule, which is loaded and placed gently into the ear with a Hand acctuated machine. The pain of the prick is even less than what is experienced during any routine vaccine administration. There is no after pain and the mild redness disappears in few hours. All after care needed is to apply alcohol after bath and check locks once a day for next few days.

Knowledge Centre & Blogs

Our eyes see only what our mind knows…

So educating oneself is the only way we can be aware of isuues before they actually do some harm to us. 

This section is committed to keep the parents aware and promote a preventive health care. Internet is flooded with all kind of information and the reader should be responsible to decide what source is actually giving that information. In these columns, the information provided to our readers is gathered only  from scientific forums or communities of established authorities over the subjects in question. The info published is latest as per date of publishing and is subject to revisions if being read at later dates by readers.  

Media & Events

View the gallery of all events and print media / social media where our team made its presence to take forward our commitments to a wholesome Infant Feeding & Holistic Child care.


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