Dear Parents, use the links below to make In-person or Video consultation appointments with Dr Vipul Baweja, Pediatrician or Dr Shacchee Baweja, Lactation Consultant.

Dr Vipul Baweja

Consultant Pediatrician

Dr Vipul Baweja is available for Consultations at BLK Pediatric OPDs in morning hours and at Rohtak Road Clinic OR East Patel Nagar Clinic in evening hours. He is also doing video consults through DOCON Patient App. Visit strictly by appointments only to maintain social distancing and decrease waiting time.

For Appointments at BLK Hospital, Call 01130403040 or Book through Hospital website. Consultation charges at BLK are INR 1100/-

For Appointments at Rohtak Road or East Patel Nagar Clinic Book through DOCON web page or DOCON Patient app or Dial 8510006959 for assistance. Charges at Clinic are INR 700/-

For Video Consultations with Dr Vipul Baweja, Use the DOCON Patient App.Charges for Video Consults are INR 600/-.


Dr Shacchee Baweja

Lactation Consultant & Infant Feeding Specialist

Dr Shacchee is doing consultation sessions for Breastfeeding issues and also for Infant feeding and weaning of children. She is available at BLK Hospital by appointments or through Video Consultations through DOCON Patient App.

The consultation session usually lasts 30-45 minutes. Charges per session are INR 1300/- at BLK Hospital. For Appointments, call 0113043040 or book through the hospital website.

The video sessions are done through a professional Platform of DOCON which ensures privacy and confidentiality.For a good video session, you should have a good speed Internet connection and should preferably use Headphones for a good Audio Quality. A usual Video session is given 45 minutes and charges are INR 1000/- through DOCON app.

For Video Consult Sessions with Dr Shacchee, you will need to install DOCON Patient APP in your mobile and then Book from THE APP or the link below.


Online Group Classes on Antenatal Breastfeeding by Dr Shacchee Baweja
Online Group Classes for Infant Feeding and Complimentary Feeding/Weaning by Dr Shacchee Baweja



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