Breastfeeding Basics

Congratulations for your baby!
This handout contains the basic knowledge about Breastfeeding which every mother and member of the family should know…

  1. ALL MOTHERS HAVE MILK AND ALL BABIES KNOW HOW TO BREASTFEED. Milk insufficiency is Extremely rare.
  2. First few days, there is a special milk in breasts “Colostrum”….Its energy rich, thick and full of immunity building substances.
  3. Milk production starts during 16th to 20th week of pregnancy and hence almost all mothers have sufficient milk in their breasts , from right after delivery.
  4. The earlier you start putting baby to suckle at breast, the more easily you will be able to breastfeed. (VIDEOS :
  5. Please keep you baby in skin to skin contact with you as much as you can.
  6. Please know that Formula or any other form of animal milk has the potential to harmyour baby, so ,If due to any reason, you are not able to make your baby suckle at yourbreast, start trying to express milk from your breast and give that to the baby.
  7. The baby’s stomach capacity is very less initially (5-7 ml per feed on day 1 -2 ), graduallyit builds up and simultaneously the milk supply of mother builds up.
  8. For 1-2 days, you might not feel any changes in your breast and by day 3-4, breasts startto feel full. NO ONE CAN CHECK the amount of milk in your breasts by squeezing…. soDO NOT try to check your milk production by Squeezing!
  9. When a baby suckles at a large part of his mother’s breast, then he takes out milk easily ,versus if a baby is suckling only onto the mother’s nipples, mother feels pain and bitingsensation and baby also takes very long to get satisfied.
  10. To know if your baby is suckling efficiently at your breast, look out for following:l You feel a nice big grab at your breast, instead of a biting/ pinching kind of sensation at your nipple
  • Baby suckles comfortably for some time and the pauses and starts again…you can see deep and slow chin movements with swallowing movements in between.
  • Baby gets satisfied post feeds and gets up at regular intervals to feed.
  • Baby passes adequate stools (day of life +1) Initial 2-3 days, after that a minimum of 3-4 stools per day till around 6 weeks of life.
  • Initial weight loss is around 5-7 percent of birth weight, and baby regains birthweight latest by 14 days of life.
  • IF YOU HAVE SORE NIPPLES/ CUTS ON YOUR NIPPLES, your baby stays dissatisfied even after feeding or you are having any other trouble breastfeeding, start expressing your milk and call on the below number to schedule a Lactation Consultation at the earliest.

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Dr Shacchee Baweja
(Interational Board Certified Lactation Consultant) Centre for Child Health,

BLK-MAX Super Speciality Hospital (Please Call 011_30403040 for appointments) 

For Video Consults use DOCON Patient App

Click here to Download PDF / Printable version of above information

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