Clinical Mentorship with Dr Shacchee

Clinical Mentorship with Dr Shacchee includes –

  1. Mentorship by Dr Shacchee
  2. Clinical exposure / Working with Breastfeeding families in Hospital via Clinical Lactation Internship Program (CLIP).
  3. Detailed weekly case discussion classes with Dr Shacchee .

 (CLIP) is a Certificate program designed and mentored by Dr Shacchee Baweja at BLK-MAX Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi.

Mentorship Goals:

  • To help lactation professionals accrue Lactation Education hours and Lactation specific practise hours
  • To help lactation professionals acquire practical clinical skills working in community and hospital settings


  1. Learning opportunity with an experienced IBCLC
  2. Exposure to a wide range of clinical cases
  3. Learning opportunity for advanced clinical skills (TOTS, Preterm and NICU Babies, Babies with varied medical and surgical conditions )
  4. Lactation specific education hours
  5. Lactation specific clinical Practice hours.


These are general guidelines, the practise opportunity will vary based on the skills, knowledge and qualifications of the intern.

Initial weeks would be observer ship and then interns will be transitioned to clinical work.

Interns get Lactation specific education hours for observer ship hours and Lactation specific practise hours for their clinical work.

This is a practical skills program so after the clinical ward rounds, we have detailed discussion classes (60-75 mins) once a week.


  • Duration:
    • 3 months
    • Upto 36 hours a week ( can be less too depending on deliveries in that week).

Along with the regular sessions with Dr Shacchee, the candidates will initially shadow and then will be involved in clinical work based on their certifications and clinical efficiency.

  • Batch Size:  4 students per batch maximum
  • Eligibility
    • Graduates of Certified Lactation/ breastfeeding training courses, For example: IYCF/ BPNI, CAPPA India, ACLP/ CLP, CLEC
    • Other breastfeeding courses with approval of the Course Director
    • Candidates already enrolled in any other lactation breastfeeding course can also apply, however, preference will be given to those who have already completed their coursework.
    • People appearing for the IBLCE Exam (International Lactation Board Exam) can also apply.
  • COURSE FEE INR 21000/- (Includes Mentorship fee and Internship fee)
  • Admission Procedure
    • Application to Course Director (Form link below)
    • Interview of suitable candidates

     Curriculum Outline

Practice Tool Box
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Unlearning Stuff/ Listening without Judgement
  • Documentation and its significance
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • How & When to Refer
  • Building up your teams
  • Learning Medical Terminology
  • Learning to Read Researches
  • Understanding & Working with the whole family
  • Building Rapport
  • Understanding your scope of practice
Lactation Specific Education
  • 1. Antenatal Breastfeeding Support
    • Counselling, guidance and assessment
    • Interns will learn how and what to discuss with families prior to the childbirth
    • Topics covered:
      • Recommendations and guidelines
      • Benefits of breastfeeding for baby
      • Benefits of breastfeeding for family
      • Benefits for the family
      • Risks of formula
      • Basic skills for breastfeeding
      • Normal infant behaviour 
      • Maternal diet and nutrition
      • What to expect during initial days
      • How to talk to your health care providers
      • Significance of having a Plan B
      • Anticipatory guidance
  • 2. Postpartum/ Post Birth Immediate Lactation Support
    • Initiating breastfeeding in all babies (vaginal deliveries/ cesarean sections) within 1 hour of birth.
    • Teaching families early signs of hunger
    • Teaching families how to latch babies in different positions.
    • Assessing latch and milk transfer
    • Overcoming initial day challenges
    • Myths
    • Nipple injuries
    • Milk supply challenges
    • Latching issues
    • Engorgement
  • 3.NICU Lactation Support
    • Working with families in maintaining their milk supply and providing their baby with breastmilk in case of separation (due to prematurity, low birth weight, baby challenges, maternal challenges etc)
    • Breast milk expression (manual, breast pump)
    • Storage and transport of breastmilk practical considerations.
    • Transitioning baby from breastmilk feeding to breastfeeding.
  • 4.Post Discharge Lactation Support
    • Nipple injuries
    • Low weight gain
    • Latch issues
    • Milk supply issues
    • Torticollis and breastfeeding
    • Oral restrictions and breastfeeding
  • 5. Special Situations
    • Multiples
    • Non-latching baby
    • Jaundice
    • Late preterm babies
    • Maternal illnesses and medication

For Application form CLICK HERE or Fill the form below..

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