There has been always a confusion amongst most of the parents regarding Pulse Polio Drops.

Parents should note that Pulse Polio Drops are not to be confused with the regular vaccination whether its Injectable Polio Vaccine(IPV) or Oral Polio Vaccine(OPV) and pulse polio drops are recommended for every child upto the age of 5 years irrespective of having received OPV or IPV.


The composition of Pulse Polio Drops is different from OPV. The purpose of The Pulse Polio is to keep a check in community to prevent any outbreak of Polio Disease for which last case was reported in 2014 only. If a community keeps a certain number of years as Zero case reporting for Polio Disease and Zero Polio Viruses in Sewages of the city, then that Community or Nation can be declared as “Polio Eradicated”.

So when a very large number of children are administered these Pulse Polio Drops within a small period of time, preferably on a single day, or 4-5 days following this one fixed day, then this Polio Virus in Pulse polio drops is spread into all the sewage drains of the city there by keeping a check on the spread of the Disease causing Polio Virus.

Children who have already received their OPV or IPV vaccines as per regular schedule will not benefit anything extra from these Pulse Polio drops BUT as a dutiful citizen we should all participate in this National Drive Against Polio Eradication and make every best effort to get these Pulse Polio Drops to our children less than 5 years of age. After-all, if our community or Nation is declared as “Polio Eradicated” that is ultimately going to benefit our future generations.

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