Antenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Antenatal Breastfeeding / Chestfeeding Preparation Classes Why breastfeeding preparation classes Classes ? They help you in taking an informed decision for feeding your baby. They discuss the pros and cons of different feeding methods. They teach practical skills about breastfeeding. They talk about myths surrounding breastfeeding. They guide you about when to reach out for and whoContinue reading “Antenatal Breastfeeding Classes”


SOME IMPORTANT FACTS Most of pregnant people start producing colostrum at around 14-18 week of pregnancy. No one can check your milk supply by squeezing at your breast / nipples. If a baby is not being put at the breast immediately at birth, or if the baby gets other things like honey or animal milkContinue reading “DO YOU FEEL YOUR MILK SUPPLY IS LESS? DOES YOUR BABY STAY DISSATISFIED AT BREAST?”


It gets very stressful for parents when their child refuses to eat or is not eating well. Mostly in those situations, we try to distract(use screens), coax, force or bribe the child into eating. Why do most of us do that is because of our societal norms around eating. We have our preset notions aboutContinue reading “WHEN YOUR CHILD REFUSES TO EAT !”

Lactation professionals in India: COVID 2021 response

Begin Ed India and Association of Lactation Professionals India conducted a QnA session for Healthcare professionals involved in care of New borns and nursing mothers. It addresses day to day queries of Nursing mothers and dilemas faced by healthcare professionals in dealing with breastfeeding issues in the ongoing COVID pandemic. The Focussed Question and answerContinue reading “Lactation professionals in India: COVID 2021 response”

Breastfeeding in COVID Times

All national and International bodies unanimously recommend that irrespective of a person’s COVID Status  All mothers and babies should be put in immediate skin to skin contact after birth.  Breastfeeding should be initiated at the earliest.  Exclusive breastfeeding should be practiced for 1st 6 months of baby’s life (and continued for a minimum of 2 years).Continue reading “Breastfeeding in COVID Times”

Tongue-ties and Lip-ties- What Parents Should know

Dr Shacchee Baweja, who is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant- IBCLC, speaks about the feeding challenges that might be associated with presence of Lip and Tongue ties and also highlights that merely the presence of a band below tongue or lip might not be the reason of challenges and one should work on other aspects of latching before deciding to excise this.

The confusions and controversies around the Tongue and Lip ties!

A small information capsule for clinicians, Lactation Professionals and families having breastfeeding challenges and /or a diagnosis of tongue/ lip ties

Powders which boost milk supply

Every monday during my rounds of postnatal mothers and babies I am saddened and angered by the massive amounts of formula tins and jars of the so called “Ayurvedic powders supposed to boost the milk supply” I see on each bedside… Why mostly on mondays… because sunday is the only day I am not aroundContinue reading “Powders which boost milk supply”