Lactation professionals in India: COVID 2021 response

Begin Ed India and Association of Lactation Professionals India conducted a QnA session for Healthcare professionals involved in care of New borns and nursing mothers. It addresses day to day queries of Nursing mothers and dilemas faced by healthcare professionals in dealing with breastfeeding issues in the ongoing COVID pandemic. The Focussed Question and answerContinue reading “Lactation professionals in India: COVID 2021 response”

Breastfeeding in COVID Times

All national and International bodies unanimously recommend that irrespective of a person’s COVID Status  All mothers and babies should be put in immediate skin to skin contact after birth.  Breastfeeding should be initiated at the earliest.  Exclusive breastfeeding should be practiced for 1st 6 months of baby’s life (and continued for a minimum of 2 years).Continue reading “Breastfeeding in COVID Times”