When to worry about bed wetting or nocturnal enuresis

Boys usually are dry by night by the age of 6 yrs, while girls are faster and achieve night control by 5 yrs age. So, after these ages, it is a matter of concern if your child is not dry in night. It is of even more concern if the child had started remaining dry in night for more than a year and now again is bed wetting in night. Worms in tummy are very unlikely to result in bed wetting and there are other more common causes like excess water intake, constipation, urine infection, excess TV watching or video games.

So, First of all, one has to identify these causes  and remove them or treat them. If still child continues bed wetting then we have to do bladder training for 4-6 months Lastly, if everything fails, then special medications are given to get the results. It is important to note that these special medications will be of no help if other factors as mentioned above are not taken care of and bladder training has not been attempted religiously for 4-6 months

YES ! FORMULA IS ANIMAL MILK and it can be contaminated!!

I am amazed by the sheer number of people who get surprized when I tell them that formula milk is animal milk. So people please know that formula milk is dried -powdered animal milk. Also it is NOT  a sterile powder, Yes you read it right….It is NOT Sterile …..Many a times bacterial contaminants ( and others as well) have been found in Formula milk boxes of multiple formula companies. Read more about it (contamination).

The way formula is portrayed knowingly or unknowingly in our society, most families believe it to be a good thing  a saviour ! A very sad state of affairs indeed because our money and  resources are being wasted in formula feeding. An ideal state of affairs would be where the hospital budget allocated for Formula, fuel, cleanwater etc is deviated towards training their staff ( Doctors , Nurses)  in the art and skill of breastfeeding support.

Pregnancy Breastfeeding Classes

There is a very wise old saying….”Prevention is better than cure”, I can see various examples of this in my day to day dealings with new moms and families.

Most of the times new moms/ Families have not been to any antenatal Breastfeeding Education Classes and many a times they have not read / heard anything about breastfeeding ! By the time I see them, baby has received many doses of Formula ( Animal milk) and or other things like honey etc and Baby most of the time is being fed through a bottle and mother’s confidence has totally gone  !

I often feel like asking the family that will they do the same when travelling to an unknown place? i.e. just reach there without acquiring any knowledge about the place? So how come you enter parenthood without researching about how and what to feed your baby!!

Studies have shown that people who learn about breastfeeding during pregnancy have better breastfeeding rates compared to those who haven’t. Pregnancy is the best time to learn about breastfeeding. Antenatal classes taken by a Trained LC can prepare you best by guiding you about what’s normal, what’s expected, how to breastfeed incase of caesarean, how to ensure baby is getting colostrum in case of separation etc.

If you are in city/ area where you don’t have access to a good LC, look for online sessions. Prepare well for one of the most important phases of your life…..It results in a happy and healthy Mom, baby, family and society.

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